Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a few short weeks left...

Joanna, the beautiful mother-to-be, at 35 weeks in front of Plymouth Congregational in Coconut Grove.


  1. You look mahvelous Joanna. We are excited and thrilled to welcome Emilia to the family. We will follow your blog and read every post. Her ultrasound images foretell of a beautiful child.

    Soon you will take maternity leave to rest and prepare for the birth, we wish you good luck, good health and all of our love. We will be there when you need us. We are studying hard to become great grandparents.

    Linda and Ed

  2. That is one hot momma!!!

    We are so excited to meet you Emilia. You have awesome parents who are already showing you so much of the world.

    And! You also already have a little bossy pants down the street that can't wait to meet you.

    We'll anxiously await out here while you finish up in there.

  3. We can't wait to meet Emilia! xoxoxo

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