Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 4: Emilia Isabel Kohnstamm (finally decided on the middle name)

Emilia had her first, and very successful, visit to the pediatrician yesterday morning. Later we had follow up visits from our midwife and our doula. Emilia is maintaining her weight, alert, and showing off her precocious strength (first nickname: Brazo Fuerte). Joanna and I are doing great, despite needing a bit more sleep.Today we plan to lay low and enjoy some quiet family time. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and offers for assistance. We are always happy to receive food deliveries- thanks Rusela! Here are a few pics from the last day or two. More later.

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  1. Dear Joanna and James,

    Your photos are beautfiul as if your baby girl! Congratulations! You all look great, healthy and happy! I am excited to see all of you in Seattle soon!

    Lara Andjelkovic