Thursday, June 11, 2009

Putting on the ounces!

So the 2 week mark is almost upon us. At her 11 day old visit at the birth center we confirmed what we already know... Emilia loves nursing and is quickly putting on the ounces! She is supposed to be back up to her birth weight (6lbs) by 2 weeks postpartum but she is already 6lbs 9oz! That is 9 oz of beautiful chunk! We are so excited.

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ed headed back to Seattle this morning. Thanks so much for the help guys!!

We are doing great. Tired of course but loving every minute of our time with sweet Emilia.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. -Joanna
Ahhhh... the after nursing glow!

Emilia is crying but she loves doula Michelle and midwife Miriam.
Thanks for helping to bring her into the world!

Thumbs up for the soothing drive. Car makes Emilia nice and sleepy.

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ed say goodbye to Emilia and Ginger. They will be back for another visit in July.

Emilia likes to be close to Mama.

More pictures to come soon.

J, J and E

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