Thursday, July 2, 2009

Emilia celebrates her one month birthday on Sanibel Island

We joined Tony and Laura, and Emilia's cousins Diego and Jesse from Tennessee on the last leg of their trip with a few days in Sanibel Island on the west coast of Florida. We all (including mama/grandmama "Gay-Gay" Annie) had a wonderful time visiting, relaxing and passing around the babies.
It was a weekend of firsts for Emilia - her first road trip, her first visit to the beach, her first nude photo shoot, her first birthday cake (cupcake) and candle, and her first restaurant outing. She did great. Enjoy the pictures.

Emilia gets to know her reflection...

Sweet smiles

Emilia chilling out on her first road trip!

Posing - modestly...

Emilia's 1 month birthday

Tiny feet

Naked posing

Her first trip to the beach - Jesse's first trip too!

First restaurant outing - to the Bubble Room. She behaved very well but let out a good cry for the picture

Back at home. One word - cute.

Love, Joanna and James


  1. I can not believe that she is already one month. And you guys went to the Bubble Room. Wr had so much fun there. Wow that just flooded back a ton of wonderful memories. Love you all