Sunday, November 15, 2009

Early November

Luckily Emilia has remained relatively healthy as her parents drag through our 2nd+ week of this miserable cold. Emilia's grandparents came from Seattle for a week long visit and helped us get through a tough week.
During all of this, Emilia's precocious interest in our food led us to let her try some rice cereal - she loves it. She will be a full 6 months around Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to preparing her first vegetable for the holiday.
Emilia also got some great time in with Abuelo Raul and Grandma Annie (gay-gay). Tia Gina and Emilia really clicked. Emilia looooves her Tia!

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ed

Great Aunt Rusela

Surprise visits from Grandma to Canterbury. Ms. Annie and Ms. Pat were so happy to meet Linda and Ed. Emilia was happy to get her mommy milk from her sweet Grandma.

Afternoon at the Barnacle

Helping mom with research

Emilia's first solid food

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  1. I don't think it's possible for this child to be any more beautiful. She looks like a doll. Get healthy so we can hang out!