Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seattle/Lummi Island August 2010

Emilia took her second trip to Seattle to celebrate her Grandpa's 70th birthday. We spent the week on Lummi Island -eatting, napping, and relaxing together. Emilia loved playing with her Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Thomas, Aunt Tabata and Dani and Max too.

Afternoon swim at Wedgwood Pool

Kick, kick, kick

Pool side lounging

Exploring 19th Ave NE with Grandpa

Lummi Island deserted road - car ferry out of service

Strolling the beach

EIK and TBK on the beach

Grandma and Emilia

Joanna and Emilia in the yard

Hiking Lummi Mountain

E passing out on the hike

Family portrait

Back in Seattle - time to say goodbye

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  1. These pictures will bring back happy memories for many years to come. It was a wonderful 70th Birthday celebration, and a high-point of this year, 2010. Thank you Joanna, James, Emilia, Tabata, Thomas, Dani, Maxila and most of all Linda without whose love, tenacity and generosity none of this would have happened. You are all equal parts of a loving family. I love you all.