Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 2010

In our totally unbiased opinion Emilia is a budding genius. She is experiencing and interpreting the world around her in amazing ways. Just about every night, Emilia insists both her Mama and Dada lay on the bed so she can pat and rub our backs for "night-night" - as they do at daycare. She even checks if our eyes are still open. She can correctly offer a "2" a "4" and a "9" in a count to 10 and easily finds a matching pair of shoes so we can "go.go.go" to walk around the block with Ginger. Emilia already can identify planes, cars, trucks and helicopters by name and knows many of the sounds animals make - even a tiger (which has led to a Halloween costume idea).

Her favorite seat in the house

Testing out her genuine Texan cowgirl boots

Absolutely no fear on the slide

Helping around the house

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