Sunday, October 31, 2010


Emilia had an exciting Halloween trick-or-treating in the neighborhood with her friend Sophia. Fitting for this time of year, Emilia has become very interested in the moon and every night before she goes to bed we go outside to say "goodnight" moon (though she has no interest in the book Goodnight Moon). She surprises us daily with her expanding vocabulary: she can say much for the alphabet, two is still her favorite number, she can now recognize many animals and the sounds they make, she loves to see a bus, and she is very certain with " I do this," "I don't know," and "no, no, no."

Big pumpkins at Fairchild

Carving the jack-0-lantern

Halloween Tiger (and Doctor) at Cantebury

Emilia and her friend Seth

Halloween parade at UM

All ready to go trick-or-treating with Sophia

Emilia is very serious about putting her "babies" "night-night"

Afternoon stroll

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