Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter in Miami

January and February have been busy months for Emilia - between daycare, snacks and trips to the park Emilia has been enjoying playing with her friends. She is now speaking in full sentences: "Dada how about this way?" or "I need keys to drive!" She can also sing the ABCs and can count past 10 in English and Spanish.

Out and about with her keys and purse

Stylin' on a sunny morning

Merging into traffic at "a park"

Abstract chalk art

Emma and Emilia on their afternoon stroll

At "another park"

Cupcakes and music at the Barnacle

Keys, purse, and raincoat - ready to go

Just the frosting at Anabel's 2nd birthday party

Lounging with the birthday girl at Emma's 2nd birthday party

Picking tomatoes in the Redlands with Grandma and Grandpa

A well deserved fresh fruit shake

Determined to push the veggies home

Keys and a smile

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