Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 2011

Emilia seems to be growing up too fast. Our precocious daughter is not quite 2 but is basically potty trained -happily using the potty at home or a toilet when we are out. She loves to dance and sing all the songs she knows. She has developed an inexplicable interest in lions and every night before she goes to bed we have to check the whole house for any lions that might be hanging around. She is also enjoying the added attention from her band-aid phase for every real and imagined owie.

This marks 20 weeks until Emilia's little brother will be born. She is well aware of the baby in her mommy's belly and gives him kisses and says "I love 'em." Emilia will be a great big sister.

Taking a break at the Sea-quarium

Apple snack on the front porch in her throwback '80s look

At the beach with mommy and soon-to-be baby boy Kohnstamm

Yogurt in the park

Partying with friends

Running into the waves

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