Thursday, June 30, 2011

Disney June 2011

Emilia met up with her cousins Diego and Jesse for their first taste of Disney World. We visited Epcot, Disney World and Animal Kingdom! It was a fun and busy week but ultimately Emilia was too young to enjoy many of the rides - except the carousel, which she adored. Instead, she prefered just hanging out and playing with her cousins. She loves them and the first thing that she said when she woke up every morning was "where is MY Diego? Where is Jesse? I want to see my friends."

Emilia, Diego and Jesse

Sticking together


The Carousel - her favorite by far

Disney World

Animal Kingdom - you can really see baby boy (soon to arrive) in this picture.

The fake princesses were a bit less intimidating than the live characters...

Emilia's loot- Minnie and Goofy

Working the phones to make a reservation for next year

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