Monday, November 7, 2011

October & Halloween

October certainly was a busy month for the whole family. Julian sped past 2 months old and now offers up big smiles for pat-a-cake or a lullaby. Everyday he is more interactive and his super grip even stronger but he remains our sweet laid back little baby boy as compared to his firecracker sister.

This month Emilia transitioned into the Preschool room at Canterbury and quickly made new friends.  She has now proven that she has no fear climbing and sliding down a 1 story inflatable slide, riding a pony without hesitation and relishing the thrill of trick-or-treating in the neighborhood on Halloween.

Emilia LOVES "Ju-Ju Bear" and she does not hold back her affection for him
Enjoying the 'change of seasons'

La Cubanita waiting for her pastelito at the coffee window

Searching for scary Halloween decorations

Riding Raindrop the pony

Pumpkin patch at the Little Farm

Fairy Princess for Halloween (aka Princess Ga-Ga)

Master Julian
Trick-or-treating with Emma

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