Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November 2012

Julian is changing daily and it is exciting to see all that he is learning and absorbing.  He continues to be very generous with his kisses and finds zurberts totally hilarious.  He is now recognizing many words such as: nose, ear, mouth, head, bellybutton, cat, car, cup, fork, etc. But he is now also saying:  all our names, ba-ba (bottle), mow (mouse), cow, ball, and others. Julian is still into everything and experiencing a bit of a 'squirrel' stage where he enjoys hiding his possessions (be it a small toy or a yogurt) deep in the cupboards.  He loves music and is most happy when he is stomping his feet and clapping his hands to a song (I think he might be the drummer in the family).

Emilia remains a loving and protective big sister.  She is spelling out words everywhere and even beginning to read some.  She is an endless source of questions and all she wants is to "Let me tell you something" or "Let me show you something."


Election Day

Pinecrest Gardens

Julian meets mashed potatoes

Playing ball in Gay Gay's yard

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