Friday, January 10, 2014

December 2013

No travel for Julian and Emilia over the holidays this year.  December was filled with quiet days at home and Christmas themed activities around town.  Julian is having a lot of fun hiding things (toy train) under his bed or the couch then working very hard with his flashlight and broom to retrieve the item.  Actually he is enamored with "Mr. Rubio cut it" (lawn man) and "Mr. Gerald fix it" (handyman at school).  Julian is certain he can fix anything with a few smacks of his toy hammer.

Emilia and Julian continue to play very well together.  Their new role-play is Julian as 'Daddy' and Emilia as 'Baby' (sick of course), sometimes this also involves being chased by "bad ladies" or monsters and hiding in the cave (or 'cade') - under a blanket.

Canterbury Holiday Concert
Meeting Santa
Cleaning his "Wee-o"

Another attempt at a Christmas photo

Rudolph, her favorite
New Years Eve

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