Monday, May 4, 2015

April 2015

This was a month of busy weeks with work travel and busy weekends at kids birthday parties.  Summer is approaching quickly and we are making plans for summer camps, trips and the new school year as Emilia will start in a new school for first grade.  Emilia is now enjoying reading books on her own rather than us reading out loud to her and Julian.  Julian is perfecting his imitation of me - tasting something 'new' and commenting "Not bad,... pretty good" while inspecting the label.  I have a feeling that this mockery is just the beginning.

Easter egg hunt
Easter morning 
Chilling at Fairchild
Fresh new cut (and lollipop)
Safety First (note the princess)

Goofy dance at the cafe
The cutest school picture ever
Playing with Abuelo at "Castle Rock"

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