Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We spent Joanna's first Mother's Day relaxing on South Beach.

Checking out the surf

Tasting a guava and cheese pastelito

Emilia and Joanna

Cleaning up

Passed out from sun and surf

Perfect day for a swim

Early bday gift from her Uncle and Aunt. Already an accomplished drummer. Of course this video does not demonstrate her true skills as she is just getting used to the mallets.

From Joanna:
I must say that I have an entirely new appreciation for Mother's Day. Man, did I want to milk it! To my own mother, thank you for everything!! James, and Emilia, you really made my first Mother's Day memorable. Emilia slept until 8am, I got a gorgeous pair of earrings, and got to enjoy the morning at the beach with my two favorite people. Life is good.

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