Thursday, January 5, 2012

December 2011

Emilia enjoyed not just the holidays but all the lead up to Christmas and New Year.  She is now fully programmed with all the holiday lore and has as much Christmas spirit as anyone.  She knows all the songs by heart – even ‘Oh Chanukah’ and ‘I have a little Dreidel’- and is a big fan of Frosty and Rudolph.  But she is still rightly skeptical of the fat bearded guy that sneaks down the chimney at night.

Sweet little baby Julian is growing up quickly and has began to roll and sit up(rather sit forward and topple over), he even has the making of two little teeth, which are about to break through.  We are excited for him to sit up on his own and begin to try solid food in the coming weeks. He laughs and smiles all day and is quickly finding his voice.

Asleep at day care

"Frosty" her favorite neighborhood inflatable

Acting crazy first thing in the morning
Riding a Manatee at the zoo
Mrs. Claus for Canterbury's holiday show
Christmas morning
Practicing on her balance bike
Anabel, Emilia and Sophia

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