Thursday, February 9, 2012

January 2012: Miami and Seattle

Julian is now 5 months old! This past month he began to sit up on his own and has now mastered grasping and rolling.  He has also become quite vocal and I am sure he said "hi, dada" just the other night. Julian continues to impress us with his calm demeanor and willingness to go with the flow (aka what Emilia wants).

Emilia LOVES her brother.  She gives him lots of kisses and excells at acting googfy to make him laugh. She even seems to be excited about the idea of sharing her room with Julian - we'll see how that goes.  After the holidays, we suggested to Emilia that she give up her 'go-go' at night time.  To our amazement she marched over to the garbage can and threw it away and has not asked for it since.  Emilia is working on the alphabet and can point out "E for Emilia" and seems to have an affinty for the letter T.

Over the MLK holiday weekend, Emilia and I took a quick trip to Seattle to visit her cousin Benicio, who was already 7 months old.  She was very excited to see him and I think especially enjoyed his Brazilian imported cartoons and ball-crawl.  We were lucky to get a few inches of snow and Emilia delighted in making snowmen and sleding with Grandma.  Now we are looking forward to Benicio visiting Emilia and Julian in Miami this March.

Sibling love

Picnicing at Kennedy Park

 Ready for a night on the town

Walking the 'balance beam'
 Emilia with Ollie and her 'best buddy' Lialah

Emilia meets her cousin Benicio

Its cold in Seattle
Its snowing in Seattle
Its really snowing in Seattle
Snow angles with Grandma
Watching Galinha Pintadinha with Grandpa (and George)

Napping with her new friend Opus

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