Tuesday, March 20, 2012

February 2012

Julian turned 6 months on the 26th.  He is growing so quickly now.  He starting eating his first solid food - rice cereal - around mid-February and now already has tried oatmeal, carrot, squash, peas, banana, sweet potato (which stopped him up), and prunes (which got things moving again). He sits well on his own, grabs with two hands, grips incredibly hard, and rolls everywhere. Actually, it seems that all he wants to do is roll - which makes diapering and dressing a challenge. With all this rolling, scooting and wiggling Julian will be crawling before we know it.

Emilia continues to grow into a sweet young lady.  She has a new bed, as we replaced her crib/toddler bed and rearranged her room to eventually share with her brother.  Emilia is working on her letters and is always showing off new 'tricks.' In preparation for her career at the UN, Emilia has become a master negotiator talking her way into after dinner treats and an extra episode of Dora.  She (and I) had a horrible flu at the end of February but luckily we are now fully recovered.

Emilia and Julian's Grandma and Grandpa arrived from Seattle and have been a big help picking the kids up from Canterbury early and spending the afternoon with them.

Strollling on a cool afternoon

Hanging out at an older girl's bday party
Loving 'tummy-time'

 Emilia acting goofy for some baby laughs

Julian's first food

E feeds J for the first time
Cowboy hat, rubber boots, and Pandora radio
Swinging with 'fire dog'

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