Monday, April 16, 2012

March 2012

Julian has now discovered that he can assert his wants by crying - something he uses infrequently but effectively. With a mostly great attitude, he is enduring the discomforts of teething, backwards crawling, and his sister’s over-enthusiastic displays of affection. He is content sitting on the floor and exploring his favorite toys, which means anything that makes noise or is easily gummed.

Emilia continues to amaze and challenge us on a daily basis. She is proving to be very athletic and brave – swinging, climbing, jumping, swimming, bike riding, throwing and kicking balls, dancing, sliding, “yoga,” and running all well before she is 3 years old. She particularly enjoyed the visit from her cousin Travers who was very patient with her as they swam in the pool and played in the sand.

Both Emilia and Julian enjoyed some special time with their Grandma and Grandpa before they returned to Seattle at the end of March.

Julian's first swing
Napping at daycare

Silly faces

Fire Marshall Emilia
 The Hula

Discovering a new favorite food

7 months

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