Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April 2012

April was a big month for Julian. After weeks of rolling, scooting, rocking and pushing himself around, at the end of the month Julian took off crawling forward and immediately began pulling himself up onto his knees. Left to his own devices, he will quickly seek out his favorite items to play with a shoe or a drum.  He is also now starting with finger foods but hasn't yet figured how to chew.

Emilia enjoyed the Easter holiday but Peter Cottontail does not compare to the allure of Santa and Rudolph. Emilia continues to be a very compassionate big sister and an adventurous young girl.  This month she discovered caterpillars /cocoons / butterflies, whipped cream and strawberry short cake, baby frogs, glitter tattoos, lady bugs and baby tigers, chocolate bunnies, and BBQ.

la Pirata

 At the Coral Gables egg hunt

Yes we did

Ears first

Enjoying his toys

More tricks

At the Barnacle with In the Nick of Time

BBQ and more corn
Julian's first forward crawl 4/28/12

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