Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 2012

August started for Julian with the discovery of some new interests and the return of his appetite, then ended after his birthday celebration with another virus…luckily his grandparents were in town to provide some extra love and attention which he really enjoyed. His favorite things this month included: pulling his sister's hair (still), pointing out fans, lights, or doggies with an enthusiastic "ghat!," showing that he is "so big" by responding with up-stretched arms, maintaining control of the spoon, any opportunity to pull something out of the refrigerator door, and reading and rereading books that are animated with animal noises.

Emilia passed the hot days cooling off in swimming pools, eating ice cream and popsicles whenever she could, and visiting friends.

So big...

Hanging at GayGay's new house

Catching rain drops

Keeping cool with Emma

Dress up with Anabel

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