Monday, October 1, 2012

September 2012

In staying with this summer's theme, September began with both Emilia and Julian fighting off flu symptoms. Finally, Julian shook the bug that had been pestering him and he has taken off – literally and figuratively. With new developments almost daily, Julian has added back a pound or two, he is talking/blabbing a lot more and loves to make the “moo,” “baa,” “oink” animal sounds, he began climbing and getting into everything, he is fixated on turning on and off the lights (closing doors and remote control play are still favorites), and our sweet little boy loves to give kisses. But, the big news for September is that Julian has just taken his first solo steps and it seems he will be off and running before we know it.

Emilia has become very discerning with her wardrobe and now prefers skirts or dresses (or better yet a skirt over a dress) and has become obsessed with a pair of red patent leather party shoes. She has become quite the prolific artist and produces about half a dozen drawings a day. Julian and his sister play very nicely together with fewer disputes over toys and Emilia has proven to be a very caring and protective big sister.


Wagon rides in the neighborhood

Catching up on some sleep

feeding himself?

Waffle time

Amusement ride in Peacock Park

Climbing for the light switch
Bath time babbles

First steps

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