Friday, November 2, 2012

October 2012 & Halloween

After a week of lock-kneed 'frankenstyle' walking and a bit of practice standing up without help, Julian took off.  Although he still loves to be carried, he is enjoying exploring (especially the cupboards) with two free hands. He loves our phones and has decided that any electronic device must also be a phone as he puts it to his ear. Julian is quick to smile and laugh and he does not laugh harder than when he zurberts Joanna as she is trying to get him to sleep at night. He is also an affectionate kisser and blows kisses to everyone when he leaves the room and is very sweet comforting his big sister with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Emilia continues to amaze and challenge us.  She is very inquisitive and seems to absorb and remember everything.  Her questions range from “Why are you wearing those shoes today?” to “Can you make me a baby sister?” (No.) She is also very protective of her little brother and gets upset if I scold Julian - even if it is for pulling her hair.
Snack time

At the Zoo

First time on a carousel

School portrait (3.5 yrs & 14 months)

At the park
A team effort

Halloween morning: The Skeleton and Pocahontas

Halloween parade

Halloween parade

3 Princessess: Emma, Emilia and Lilah Trick or Treating

Walking Videos

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