Monday, February 4, 2013

January 2013

Julian continues to learn new words each day, his current favorites are: cheese, baby, babuls (bubbles) - which he demands in his nightly bath, door, etc.  He gets very excited to read a favorite book, to wash his hands, to hear any music, to see a woo-woo (dog),  weo-weo (car) or to say a very sweet 'hi' or 'bye' on the phone.  Julian is also vocal with an "um" when he is offered a choice and an "ok" when he agrees.

This month Emilia has been enjoying learning how to use her new scooter and has become pretty good at throwing a frisbee. She continues to work on all her letters and can even do some simple math.
Good morning

New Years Day at the beach

Julian at his friend Roberto's birthday

At the cafe with Grandpa

Julian love his babies

With Grandma and Grandpa at the farmer's market

Picked flowers, face paint, daddy's sunglasses, and a belated xmas present

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