Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 2013

Little by little both kids are growing up.  The changes seem slow at the time but looking back I can barely remember Julian as an infant, let alone Emilia.  This month Julian grew a bit more hair but our picky eater didn't really gain any weight.  He is now making two word sentences like:  "Door close",  "Mama up", "Dada help", "Shoe on", "No Hat" and my favorite "Aw man" (which has replaced "Uh-oh").  He can even count to ten.

Emilia is impressing us every day with her imagination, her athletic abilities, and her compassion for her friends and family.

More sibling love
Swimming with Grandma
At Emma's 4th birthday party

Enjoying a Nick of Time concert

Just trying out the potty

"see-food" at Anbel's 4th birthday party
Their early morning snuggles
Dancing with Grandpa
ABC dancing
Their first puppet show

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