Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 2013

Julian is growing up quickly and has become very verbal. He is proudly counting to 20 in both English and Spanish and sings his ABC with gusto.  Despite this, he is still figuring out how to express himself and has resorted to some hitting and biting.  Amazingly, Emilia takes this in stride and is quick to comfort her brother when he gets so frustrated.  Julian is enjoying more complex books and stories and is picking up phrases to use - his favorite this month is "Pipe Down!"

Over Memorial day weekend we took a trip up the coast to visit friends and Emilia and Julian stayed the night in their first hotel.

The rainy season has come
Ready to practice her swimming
Growing up

Piggy back on a hot afternoon
Gay Gay's backyard
Emilia and Fia posing as Super Girls

Satellite Beach

Showing off

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