Monday, May 6, 2013

April 2013

Julian is talking up a storm.  He says, "I want bagel" and "Other shoes please" and whenever we are looking for something misplaced he offers, "It's on the table."  He is also now counting to 10 in Spanish and pretty good identifying colors, although most things to him are "yellow."  Julian is surprising us with his potty use and is quite intent on taking off his own diaper and running around the house. Emilia is getting very good at basic addition and subtraction and is starting to recognize letter patterns and read words. She even sounded out and wrote her first word (non-proper name) all by herself - vomit (see next line).

We all got hit this month with a nasty flu and spent a good part of a week getting by with Tylenol, naps and help from Gay Gay. We all felt better after spending the morning at the beach and breathing some fresh sea air.

tending to his babies
Resting together
Show time

he really likes yogurt

Feeling better at the beach

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