Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 2013

Well the big news this month is Julian stopped wearing diapers the first week of August and is happily wearing undies and using the potty with virtually no accidents. Our big boy is also developing quite the imagination as he is quickly able to turn any inanimate object into an ice cream store offering up vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors.  Both kids are enjoying our after dinner walks around the block with Julian assuming the role of 'trainer' - directing his sister and us to run.  He is also learning evasive moves from his sister by suggesting "I'm just joking" after a questionable act.

Emilia has started Pre-Kindergarten classes and is enjoying the challenge of working on her reading and writing.

Out to brunch
Swim and a picnic at Venitian Pool with Grandma
Visiting Mommy's work
Cooling off at yet another afternoon pool party
Hanging in his truck
Lunchtime with Daddy
More cooling off with smoothies

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