Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013

For the most part Julian is easy going but he has strong preferences when it comes to certain things, such as:
  • He prefers comfy/soft shorts and crocs - all others are "too big!"
  • He is a twist and eat Oreo (aka Whole Foods 365 mismatched sandwich cremes) kinda guy.  He likes the cream, the cookie - ehh.
  • He likes Up, Despicable Me, and Rango but prefers "Cinderella Show."
  • He likes neighborhood dogs and cats, the lawn man, and Mirabella the post-lady, but he prefers the police man
  • We thought he liked the milkshake and the french fries, but he is there really for the ketchup.
First ballet class with Lilah
Park Snack

Playing in the summer rain

Ready for a Zoo-dash race

party face paint
More park snacks
Juji trying out a new look

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