Tuesday, June 10, 2014

May 2014 - E's Graduation and 5th Birthday at Disney

This month started with Emila's Pre-K graduation and ended with her 5th birthday and celebration over a long weekend at Disney.  Emilia is a bright, athletic and very compassionate young lady.  She has a great attitude about almost everything, is very well behaved and responsible, and is a very caring older sister to Julian.  We are so proud to be her parents.

Julian has fully spiraled into his difficult 2s - 3s. But where we parent, Emilia is there to comfort him and direct his attention to a fun alternative. The super powers are still strong with the young boy, he loves "taco night" and pastelitos (a latin at heart),prefers to be outside to 'feel the weather,' and truly enjoys a cold bath. 

School graduation pic
School picture
Julian joins the grads

He loved his first haircut

Birthday Girl
Last day of  school
Disney boo-tique
Pocahontas (w baby Pocahontas)

Keeping cool at Disney
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