Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 2013

Julian's language has blossomed.  He is now identifying helicopters, airplanes, which toy he wants, a favorite color and which shoes he prefers (crocs - always). He loves playing hide-and-seek and enthusiastically counts to 10 even if he is hiding. In the last few weeks he has also begun to put on a little chunk and we love those sweet cheeks. He is using the potty every night before bath and is so proud to show off even the littlest dribble - 'Yeah, peepee!"  Like his sister, Julian loves books and babies and will always have at least one if not both in his hands.

Emilia is obsessed with "The Game of Candy Land" and it has now totally replaced books before bed. Sometimes she doesn't win- but that is rare. She is a strong biker (rode to Salvadore Park and Liberty Cafe) and is working hard on her scooter skills.  She is an amazingly accurate kicker and can throw a Frisbee straight  - the girl does not stop.  This month I took Emilia on her first camping trip to Cayo Costa (an island off the west coast of Florida), she had a great time but I think the smores will be the lasting memory.

Bike ride break time
My chair

Toothy grin

Adalis helps with her first attempt at fishing - Cayo Costa

Shell necklaces with Ollie - Cayo Costa

First Smore - Cayo Costa

Cayo Costa

Egg Dyeing 

On the egg hunt

Happy Easter

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